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ACTISOUFRE 4 mg / 50 mg / 10 mL

Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Otorhinolaryngology
active ingredients: Sodium monosulfide, Saccharomyces cerevisiae
laboratory: Grimberg

Oral suspension or for nasal instillation
Box of 18 ampoules of 10 ml
All forms


Used in chronic inflammatory conditions of the upper respiratory tract such as: chronic rhinitis and rhinopharyngitis.

Dosage ACTISOUFRE 4 mg / 50 mg / 10 mL Oral suspension or for instillation nasal Box of 18 ampoules of 10 ml

See also section on instructions for use, handling and disposal.
- nasally:
. Stand in front of a washbasin, turn your head back and pour ACTISOUFRE into a nostril by pressing hard on the dropper bottle. Breathe by mouth while pronouncing the syllable "ké" repeatedly.
. Leave the product in contact with the secretions for a few moments (about half a minute).
. Repeat until the contents of the dropper bottle have been fully used.
. Repeat the same operation for the other nostril.
. Thoroughly rinse the flask under running water and dry thoroughly.
Two nasal irrigations a day.
- Orally:
. Children under 5: half to one light bulb per day. . Adults and children over 5 years: 2 ampoules a day.

Against indications

Sulfur intolerance.

Adverse effects Actisoufre

Possibility of digestive disorders such as gastralgia during oral administration.

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