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Tinnitus: Treatments

Tinnitus is a common condition that can disrupt the quality of life of patients with tinnitus. They are not serious in themselves but may be indicative of an underlying pathology of the ear, infectious, vascular or tumor inflammatory.

Of course, when a cause responsible for the appearance of tinnitus is found, it should be treated when possible: remove a wax plug, treat an ear infection with antibiotics or tubal catarrh by inhalations, aerosols ... If a neuroma is discovered, if it is possible, remove it surgically. Tinnitus should then disappear.
Doctors often prescribe vasodilators that are drugs that dilate the vessels, but this treatment is not specific and is not very effective.

Neurotropic drugs sometimes seem to have an effect on this condition, but their mode of action on tinnitus is unknown.

Apart from the treatment of a recovered cause, tinnitus has no specific treatment giving a guaranteed result. Often we can not identify the cause that causes these buzzing or whistling in the ears.

Acoustic Habituation Therapies (TAH) can then be helpful in teaching the patient to live with these noises.

Cognitive-behavioral therapies can also improve the quality of life of tinnitus patients by teaching them relaxation techniques.

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