Acne: the treatments

Before considering the establishment of treatments for acne, some hygiene instructions deserve to be followed:

> The facial hygiene, and the areas concerned, should be done once or twice a day. Aggressive products and the classic Marseille soap should be avoided, and overgrown soaps and dermatological loaves with neutral pH should be preferred.

> When a button appears, it should not be crushed, it will not go faster! On the contrary, pressing it or trying to kill it can spread the infection and further damage the skin. The buttons should be buffered with an antiseptic and possibly with an antibiotic lotion or cream prescribed by the doctor.

As for the black dots, it is possible to express them with a simple pressure of the fingers.

> It is better to avoid the sun because it masks the lesions which reappear, even more important, at the stop of the exposure

> Having a balanced diet is better for the whole body, and therefore for the skin. It is known that certain trace elements and certain vitamins are particularly indicated for a good health of the skin.

5 foods to favor and avoid to have a beautiful skin

Good looks, reduction of pimples and signs of age, begins in the kitchen. What foods to favor and avoid to have a beautiful skin?

As for the actual dermatological treatments, they are of two kinds: local (applied to the skin) and general. These treatments are of several types: anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, or keratolytic (against comedones).

Depending on the cause of acne, hormonal treatments may be considered (such as the pill or anti-androgens).
In case of scars left by acne, know that today there are treatments (using the laser) to make them disappear or mitigate.

Scars: how to avoid them?

Burn, cut and other minor injuries: how to facilitate healing and avoid unsightly scars? The advice of the dermato ...

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