Adult acne: the symptoms

The severity of an acne can be divided into 3 degrees, depending on the importance of the symptoms. However, there are no clearly defined boundaries between the different categories. There are several factors involved in determining the severity of an acne, such as the type of lesions, areas of the body affected, duration, resistance to treatment, and so on.

Here are typical examples of different degrees of acne:

  • Light Acne : This is usually an acne consisting of 10 to 20 stigmas (or pimples) on the face during puberty.
  • Acne medium : it is a more inflammatory acne of the face, with generally more than 50 pimples (inflammatory and retentive).
  • Severe Acne : The typical example is nodular acne of the face and trunk. This severe form of acne often occurs in adulthood.
    Acnes in adults usually have three forms:
  • Persistent acne: it is an acne that appeared in adolescence that did not stop when it was grown.
  • Acne beginner : it appears in people who have never had acne. It is often an inflammatory acne located on the lower face.
  • Relapsing acne: Teen acne disappears, but reappears a few years later, as an adult.

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