Compulsive shopping: the symptoms

Typically, compulsive shopping takes place in several phases, and is very often manifested by the same symptoms.

First, the desire for an object, a piece that becomes obsessive. The idea of ​​acquisition can not be ruled out, driven by the fear of failure. All means will be sought to obtain "this little dress that I saw in the subway and which will be perfect for my evening".

This mission, which imposes itself on itself without anything mitigating it, will sometimes be the object of a real expedition. Everything will be done to reach the store before the store closes, even on the other side of town.

Excited, tense, in a hurry, the path will be difficult. Arriving at the destination, the credit card will be deployed and the ultimate pleasure will be activated. An ephemeral satisfaction but intense enough to be later sought ... making the bed of a future dependency.
Once the euphoria has dissipated, it is not uncommon to experience guilt or even shame. A shame that will sometimes lead to hiding or lying about the facts.

Attention compulsive shopping is not pathological alone. It is its repeated appearance and the suffering that it generates that must alert. As compulsive shopping repeats itself, addiction is created, and it becomes more and more difficult to wean itself off.

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