Dental abscess: the causes

The dental abscess is of infectious origin. It is formed inside the tooth or between the tooth and the gum; most often following caries, a dental fracture or even a periodontal disease (whole of the tissues of support of the teeth) untreated.

Of course, poor dental hygiene, not enough regular checks at the dentist ... can promote the occurrence of a dental abscess. In short, a certain negligence can be questioned. Beside that, we must admit that it is also sometimes the fault of no luck.

Do not take unnecessary risk by not treating a dental abscess because the infection can spread to other organs: heart, kidneys, lungs ...! And we suspect, the consequences can be major.

People at risk are:

  • diabetics,
  • immunocompromised (HIV infection ...),
  • subjects taking corticosteroid treatment,
  • cardiac or operated on the heart, etc.

These people should immediately consult their doctor or dentist in case of abscess or suspected abscess. In these people, the infection related to a dental abscess or periodontal spreads faster in the body, and attacks are more aggressive.

The signs of a dental abscess are usually very revealing.

Dental care in pictures

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