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7 aphrodisiac massage oils to reach the 7th heaven: 7 massage oils on the test bench

MyYoyo Relaxing Massage Oil

The promise :
With a fresh scent of orange blossoms, MyYoyo 's relaxing, nourishing and highly moisturizing massage oil exerts a double cosmetic and sensual action.

Our opinion :

  • The packaging: sober but evocative ...
  • The texture: not too greasy but fluid enough to slide well and penetrate the skin.
  • The smell: discreet, just right!
  • The effects: perfect for relaxation and the awakening of the senses!
  • Plus: its practical format to take away on weekends.
  • The least: nothing very innovative!
  • Rating: 7 out of 10

MyYoyo relaxing massage oil, 50 ml, glass bottle, dermatologically tested. Price: 38.90 euros.
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Concept S Scented Massage Oil

The promise :
In a single gesture, the skin is softened, satiny, scented with an intoxicating scent. Concept S massage oil is available in 15 perfumes developed in Grasse, the capital of luxury perfumes, to adapt according to its personality, its moods, its games and its desires.

Our opinion :

  • The packaging: simple and sober, a transparent cylindrical tube, not too big: you can slip it into your toilet bag easily to win on weekends!
  • The texture: a not too fluid oil, which does not flow everywhere! Do not penetrate immediately to promote the massage, but leave the skin a bit oily ...
  • The smell: aumonoï, very pronounced. Perfect for those who love this holiday scent, but maybe a bit too strong to massage for hours ...
  • The effects: glide well, and therefore an oil well suited for massage ....
  • Plus: the chic and sober packaging.
  • The least: the scent, nice, but maybe too strong for a massage ...
  • Rating: 7 out of 10

Momoi Moon scented massage oil, Concept S, 60 ml, shelf life 2 years, non-greasy, does not stick, rinse with water, satin effect. Price: 12 euros
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Sensual Energy from Viamax

The promise :

A new massage oil composed of a balanced blend of carefully selected vegetable oils that enhance energy. Almond, safflower and olive oils work wonders for sweetness, while lemongrass and mandarin revive desire.

Our opinion :

  • The packaging: ideal to take in hand, do not slip.
  • The texture: neither too thick nor too fluid and very pleasant to apply! Penetrates fairly quickly.
  • The smell: a slightly lemony smell, even "medical", not very sensual.
  • The effects: the application is easy, and the effects rather positive. The massaged person is quickly relaxed!
  • Plus: its packaging and texture.
  • The least: the smell.
  • Rating: 7 out of 10

Sensual Energy from Viamax, available in 130 ml format. Price: 21, 90 euros
For sale on

Satine me of love yourself!

The promise :

With these top quality natural oils, extraordinary scents and a dream massage.

Our opinion :

  • The packaging: very oriental.
  • The texture: like the usual oils, a little greasy ...
  • The smell: very masculine, but you get used to it and it is rather pleasant!
  • The effects: soothing as a massage in general, and the smell is captivating ...!
  • The most: no need to put a lot, because it spreads easily ...
  • The least: the smell that lacks femininity ...
  • Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Satine me of love yourself! Aphrodisiac 200 ml, also exists in relaxing and energizing. Price: 17, 90 euros
For sale on

JimmyJane massage candle

The promise :

A stylish and sophisticated massage candle that is both chic and sexy.

Our opinion :

  • The packaging: both chic and sober.
  • The texture: very greasy!
  • The smell: sweet and pleasant, it relaxes!
  • The effects: in small quantities, relaxes, relaxes and really feels good. But be careful too much, it does not penetrate the skin ...
  • Plus: the heat of the oil, at a good temperature, and its smell.
  • The least: its texture, a little too fat!
  • Rating: 7 out of 10

Jimmy Jane's massage candle, saffron and neroli scent, burns for about 72 hours. Price: 54.90 euros.
For sale on

Maison Close Orange Blossom Massage Candle

The promise :

A pleasant feeling of warmth mixed with the sensuality of the orange blossom fragrance to live a unique moment.

Our opinion :

  • The packaging: a black lacquered pot very deco.
  • The texture: soft and not greasy but, it is necessary to wait until the wax is cooled before using it ...
  • The smell: stronger before the candle is lit! Once melted, the odor dissipates quickly.
  • The effects: very nice and we do not stick after! Works also for a self-massage of the feet ...
  • Plus: much less oily than ordinary oils.
  • The least: the waiting time to have a sufficient amount of wax.
  • Rating: 8 out of 10

Maison Close orange flower massage candle, ceramic (with spout), 200 ml, lasts 45 hours. Price: 24.90 euros.
Available on

Maddening massage candle by Yesforlov

The promise :
A product all in one to spend a hot night. The massage candle sifters the atmosphere, moreover, it fills the room with its voluptuous scent, then it allows a moment of well-being and relaxation, and caresses.

Our opinion :

  • The packaging: a black porcelain candle Japanese style, sober but nice decor.
  • The texture: in ten minutes, the melted wax turns into lukewarm oil, not too greasy.
  • The smell: very pleasant to perfume the room, but a little strong when applied on the skin!
  • The effects: perfect for a massage for two!
  • Plus: you can just light the candle to make a scent of atmosphere.
  • The least: the oil feels a little bit strong.
  • Rating: 8 out of 10

Fascinating massage candle from Yesforlov. Price: 29 euros
For sale on .

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